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Find out about 5 reasons why online trade shows are economically sustainable

Participation in traditional fairs brings prestige, visibility and the opportunity to present products. However, it involves a lot of effort and cost for companies. Virtual fairs are a great alternative to traditional solutions

Why are virtual fairs ecologically and economically sustainable?

  1. Savings in travel costs – a computer or a tablet with Internet access is enough to visit the virtual fair. Travel time and costs, as well as CO² emissions from car or flight travel, drop to zero. The same also applies to hotel accommodation which ultimately is also good for the environment.
  2. Reduction of time expenditure – mobile access makes it possible to integrate trade fair participation into everyday life. Visitors to the fair can freely dispose of their time and, in addition to interesting lectures, also take part in other events at any place and time.
  3. Virtual trade fairs are barrier-free – not everyone can take part in traditional events. Long distances and shortages of time, as well as costs and other responsibilities (e.g. family, children) limit participation. The inexpensive, highly flexible online trade fair visit solves all these problems. Single parents or people with disabilities can take part in them without any obstacles.
  4. Virtual trade fairs are up to date – the pandemic has caused a significant increase in digital media has triggered a real increase in digitization. This factor makes the investment in online trade fairs profitable. Virtual and interactive web presence is future-oriented and plays a decisive role in digital sales.
  5. Online fairs are measurable – they provide answers to difficult questions that were difficult to answer in traditional fairs. How many visitors were there? Was the fair a success? Which product attracted the most attention? Virtual trade shows can be equipped with analytical tools and respond to data based on data.

Virtual trade fairs are just one of the ideas. You can also create other digital solutions. Shworoom online can be successfully used to present products during videoconferences.

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