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What should be kept in mind when organizing a virtual fair?

Online fairs are digital events that take place in virtual reality. Elements of traditional fairs: exhibition stands, lectures, presentations, interviews are reproduced virtually on the appropriate platform. As in the case of traditional fairs, virtual exhibition stands are the point of contact for the visitor. Exhibitors present their products and services there and generate inquiries. Organizing a fair is not easy. If we keep a few basic things in mind when it comes to online events, it’s sure to be a great experience for those involved.

5 main points to be aware of when organizing an online trade show

  1. Arouse interest. Reach your visitors with your offer. Use advertising on popular platforms. Online advertising is recommended as users are connected digitally.
  2. Keep visitors interested in your offer. Give clear signals about upcoming lectures or a short instruction when entering the fair for the first time. Thanks to the news, visitors will not miss any events and can stay longer on your exhibition platform.
  3. Use interactive elements to keep visitors engaged. Contests, discounts, gadgets are good tools here. Polls and votes are welcome. They will provide speakers and exhibitors with feedback and possibly important marketing data.
  4. Take care of the right sound and picture. Poor quality deters and makes live streams or chats unattractive to visitors. That’s why you need great sound and well-lit, high-definition video, especially during lectures. Use interactive elements: clips, videos, scene changes. Everything has to work perfectly.
  5. For your fair to be a success, you need exhibitors who have something to offer. Whether it’s innovative products, creative ideas or useful services, every virtual exhibition stand must offer added value to visitors.

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