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An online conference room is a modern tool thanks to which every video call, online meeting will take place in comfortable conditions

What should a virtual conference room contain?

Many aspects of life have been transferred to the Internet, it is no different with professional work and company meetings. A virtual conference room can be used to facilitate company meetings or business talks with contractors. It is a modern tool thanks to which every video call, online meeting can take place in very friendly and comfortable conditions. Useful functions will make the meeting as productive as regular stationary meetings. What can you expect when using this solution?

Learn about the 3 main functions of the conference room

– Possibility to record the meeting and video clips

The virtual meeting application allows you to record meetings for later playback. It is worth using the save option so that the videoconference is available to participants at a later time, if they would like to recall the topics discussed.

– Screen (desktop) sharing for meeting participants

The ability to share your own desktop is a must if your presentation is to be successful and your attendees are well informed. The meeting leader has the opportunity to show his desktop to others to better discuss the topic.

– Discussions and chats

An online conference is very often a speech by one person discussing important issues or presenting selected issues. In online meetings, it is also possible to ask questions and exchange comments in general chat, and to create discussions that are accessible to a smaller group of people. These options allow everyone in the meeting to speak.

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