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Trade fairs are now an integral part of marketing, currently stationary events have been replaced by virtual fairs or are supported by them.

Virtual trade fairs are the future. Find out about the benefits of participating companies in online fairs

Trade fairs are now an inseparable part of marketing, and thanks to participation in exhibition fairs, companies can increase sales, gain new customers, establish contacts with new contractors, and learn about the offers of other companies in the industry. Currently, stationary events have been replaced by  virtual fairs or are largely supported by them. How to organize an online fair so that visitors can thoroughly familiarize themselves with the exhibitors’ offers and choose the best products for themselves? What are the benefits for exhibitors from participating in this type of event?

4 main advantages of participating in virtual trade fairs

  1. Save time and money. Exhibitors do not bear the costs of renting a space in the hall, preparing the exhibition stand, transporting it or setting up the exhibition stand. There is also no need to print promotional materials or pay for employees’ business trips.
  2. It is possible to conduct online meetings for many visitors at the same time, as well as answer their questions in real time – in a chat.
  3. In addition,  online fairs are an opportunity to promote the company and present the offer  in the way that the exhibitor wants. Catalogs, videos, quizzes, live online meetings with specialists, chats, product photos or 3D visualizations – these options are possible.
  4. Exhibitors can operate a  virtual stand from the office.

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