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Online fairs are beneficial for event companies. It becomes profitable to organize events from niche industries that do not attract a crowd of thousands in the case of stationary fairs.

5 main reasons why event companies should bet on virtual fairs

The virtual world provides new opportunities for both exhibitors and trade fair organizers. First of all, you can arrange your own place at the online fair in any way you want, without having to take into account the small area or technical limitations of the physical exhibition stand. Modern technologies make it possible to present any product or service. Photos, films, walks in 360-degree format – thanks to them you can show your clients real estate, large goods or a very wide range. It would not be possible with the traditional form of an exhibition event. Moreover,  virtual trade fairs they can be an opportunity to invite the customer to the company’s virtual headquarters or show him how the products he is interested in are created. Thanks to interactive materials, conveying the idea behind the company is easier and more effective than during a traditional event.

For event companies, online fairs are also beneficial because it becomes profitable to organize events from niche industries that do not attract a crowd of thousands in the case of stationary fairs. In addition, virtual exhibition halls can contain from several dozen to even a thousand stands

Find out about the main advantages of a virtual fair for exhibitors and an event film.

Virtual events, regardless of the subject matter, have many advantages, thanks to which they can be more attractive than stationary fairs. What can you expect?

  1. Virtual trade shows mean lower costs. There is no need for extensive service of the stand, purchase of a stand, its transport and setting up on the site.
  2. The exhibitor can provide information about the company and product or service in the form of photos, videos, presentations, webinars, and chats that are attractive and convenient for the recipients.
  3. The fair is available to many people who do not have to appear in a specific place in person. This translates into a greater number of visitors and the possibility of acquiring new customers.
  4. The virtual exhibition stand is also a promotion and sales channel. Thanks to it, you can create a database of potential customers, e.g. by encouraging them to subscribe to a newsletter or to observe them in social media.
  5. The exhibitor has access to statistics, so he can analyze which content and products were the most attractive for visitors.

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