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Buyers have higher and higher expectations of online stores, which is why new solutions such as interactive 360 ​​pages are needed

Find out about the advantages and possibilities of 360 websites

Recently, online sales and marketing have been developing very dynamically. Buyers have more and more expectations of online stores, which is why modern solutions are needed. These include the interactive 360 ​​website, thanks to which previously unimaginable options become available.

3 main advantages of 360 websites:

A modern website allows you to enable features that are not available on standard websites. What are they and why is it worth having an  online 360 ​​showroom? First of all, thanks to them:

  1. Customers can carefully view the product they are interested in. This is especially important when trading outlets remain closed.
  2. Shops and producers can show goods that could not be displayed in the stationary, e.g. due to large dimensions or high value.
  3. Virtual walks, during which you can rotate the view 360 degrees, are visually attractive to viewers. They make it easier to focus on a given object and obtain information about it, or allow people to “walk” around the room, for example by people planning to buy or rent a flat.

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