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Virtual fairs are a new, ever faster developing form of organizing events and exhibition events.

Find out about five reasons why you should exhibit at a virtual fair

Internet fairs are a fairly new, ever faster developing form of organizing events and exhibition events. Participation in this type of event is beneficial and convenient for exhibitors, but requires a well-prepared online stand.

Find out about the key arguments that should convince your company to exhibit at an online fair

  1. The main advantage of virtual trade fairs is saving money and time. Exhibitors do not bear the costs of renting a space in the hall, preparing  the virtual exhibition stand, transporting it or setting up the exhibition stand.
  2.  The exhibitors can use the virtual trade fair platform to operate the stand remotely, and publish information materials for their clients in an interesting, accessible form, e.g. galleries, videos, online meetings.
  3. People interested in a product or service can participate in a live online meeting with specialists or chat with a consultant – this is another method for a better, more convincing presentation of the company’s proposal. Virtual trade fairs can also be sure.
  4. In a virtual space, the exhibitor can invite visitors to view catalogs or videos informing about products or services. This is an eye-catching way to attract potential customers.
  5.  Proposed by specialists from Space360, the platform supporting virtual trade fairs is available in three variants: basic, medium and premium, thanks to which it can be tailored to the needs of each exhibitor.

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