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The online trade fair platform gives you a variety of ways to promote your company and its offer: Videos, catalogs, and online meetings.

A modern platform for virtual trade fairs, opportunities and possibilities for companies

Trade fairs are an inseparable part of marketing, and thanks to the participation of companies in fairs, it is possible to increase sales, acquire new, important customers, establish contacts with new contractors or learn about offers from other industries. Currently, many stationary events have been replaced by virtual fairs or are significantly supported by them.

The online trade fair platform gives you a variety of ways to promote your company and its offer:

  • Videos, catalogs, online meetings are excellent tools for presenting your products or services.
  • There are consultants available in the chat, who in case of doubts of customers will help, advising and proposing specific solutions. The choice of a carefully prepared platform makes online trade fairs an effective marketing and sales procedure.

A modern platform for virtual exhibition stands. What are its possibilities?

We offer you a platform that supports  virtual trade fairs, thanks to which each exhibitor will be able to arrange the stand according to their needs. The online stands prepared by us are available in three variants: basic, medium, premium. They differ in size, i.e. the number of functions that a given stand is equipped with. Exhibitors may choose to include a catalog, films, quizzes, organize a video meeting, chat with customers and attach contact details. The options available at a specific stand are selected individually, and their number depends on the variant.

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