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A virtual conference room is a modern tool thanks to which it is possible to gather a group of people in a virtual space, without restrictions.

Who is an online conference room for?

The ban on gatherings and widespread remote work do not have to mean the end of company meetings, business meetings or training sessions. All meetings can be held in the internet space of online conference rooms. It is a place where colleagues, training participants or conference guests can meet, talk or listen to the event organizer.

Practical use of an online conference room

All companies that have organized face-to-face meetings can successfully use virtual conference rooms for the same purposes. The industry does not matter, the place for online meetings can be used for conferences, training, employee meetings or company management. Nowadays, when remote work is everyday life, it is worth having access to a platform that will make every online conference run smoothly and will be as effective as stationary events. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer – we are constantly working on high-quality solutions that facilitate functioning in virtual reality.

Online conference room, possibilities, advantages

It is difficult to underestimate the possibilities offered by an online conference room – they are beneficial for both the organizer and the audience. It is true that a video call does not allow direct contact with another person, but in the described rooms it is possible to see the interlocutor through a webcam, talk with him and other participants in a chat or in discussions in a smaller group. In addition, the meeting can be recorded and made available to guests so that they can recall the discussed issues at any time. Thanks to a feature such as screen sharing, the videoconference is interesting for the audience and makes it easier for them to focus on the issues at hand.

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