Space 360.

We create a virtual space in 360 technology. It is thanks to it that you will build your own online showroom to present your products to the world in an innovative way.

What should be remembered in the project to make the virtual showroom interesting for visitors?

A virtual showroom is a modern alternative to traditional exhibition solutions. Companies and customers who are looking for interesting products in online stores are more and more demanding. Not always an attractive price and a wide range of products make it possible to successfully sell. The presentation of the goods and the ease of finding information about them are equally important. This can be achieved by placing a virtual showroom on your company’s website . Thanks to virtual showrooms, online shopping turns into a completely new experience:

  • Greater interactivity of graphics,
  • High quality,
  • Possibility of a very good presentation of products,
  • Information necessary for the client

Online showrooms should be treated as the future of trade.

What determines the success of a virtual showroom project? What factors should we bear in mind?

  1. The virtual showroom should contain key information about a given product or service.
  2. It is worth creating if the goods are presented their digital counterparts, so that customers can see them closely before buying.
  3. Information materials in the form of videos are much more attractive and allow for a more accurate presentation of the subject.
  4. The aesthetics and high quality of the procect are important, so that the online showroom runs smoothly and allows you to carefully watch and familiarize yourself with the product.
  5. The online showroom should redirect to the online store where the interested person can purchase the product.
  6. You should also remember about the possibility of quick contact with the company’s advisor, e.g. via chat, in case of urgent questions.

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