Space 360.

The best, most accurate way to present is a 360-degree virtual walk, which allows you to see the product from all sides.

What are the advantages of 360 virtual walks?

The easiest way to select a product is when you can view it directly, touch it or even try it out. The virtual showroom  does not provide such opportunities, but replaces them with others, also helpful. The best, most accurate way of presentation is a 360-degree virtual walk, thanks to which you can see the product from all sides, and also get closer to it or see it from a distance, e.g. furniture, car, real estate. Detailed shots presenting the product are not everything – the virtual showroom may contain product descriptions, a presentation or guide in the form of a video, and other multimedia information materials.

What are the main advantages of a 360 degree virtual walk?

  1. Accurate mapping of a given space – shop, stand, real estate, exhibition or production hall.
  2. Each customer can only view items that are of specific interest to him and do it for as long as he wants, disturbed by sellers. 
  3. A virtual 360-degree walk  can be taken at any time, every day, being anywhere – the customer does not have to travel to the place or adjust to the opening hours of the store.
  4. It resembles an online game, thanks to which it is remembered and eagerly visited by visitors again.

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