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The answer to the need to organize virtual events is an online conference room. Online meetings are as effective as in person with this application.

Discover the advantages and strengths of a virtual conference room

As the number of people attending assemblies was reduced, it became necessary to create the appropriate digital tools so that online meetings and training could continue to be held. The answer to the need to organize virtual events is  an online conference room. This application makes online meetings as effective as in-person meetings, and even provides opportunities not available for face-to-face meetings. Why did we get used to virtual meetings so easily and quickly? What are their advantages and strengths?

What are the key benefits of a virtual conference room?

  1. The ability to participate in the event from anywhere.
  2. Remote meetings are available to a wider group of people, distance is no longer a problem, all you need is a good, stable Internet connection.
  3. A lot of convenience for the meeting leaders, all the necessary materials can be at hand.
  4. The  online conference can be recorded via the application, e.g. for people who could not attend the meeting or for replay.
  5. Ability to share the screen.,
  6. Meeting participants can communicate with each other in chats and discussions.

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