Space 360.

What are 360 ​​degree virtual walks? Explore the wide possibilities and functions.

With the development of technology, more and more enterprises and small businesses from various industries are choosing a virtual showroom for their website. Thanks to them, it is possible to walk 360 degrees in the selected space. The online showroom is perfect not only for exhibition stands or small shops, e.g. with electronic devices, but also successfully used as a virtual exhibition space for large showrooms.

360-degree virtual walk, what are its advantages?

A virtual showroom is associated not only with new challenges, e.g. design and implementation, but also with opportunities.

  1. Virtual 360-degree walk and allows customers to “move” in a virtual space, which consists in moving the view to the places of interest. 
  2. The online showroom, in which there are carefully photographed and digitally prepared products, allows you to accurately see the object from all sides, zoom in and out. As a result, customers can get to know the goods well, even though they cannot touch it.
  3. The online showroom is not only a virtual 360 walk around the store, but also a quick and convenient way to obtain information about the product. After clicking on a specific item, its short description, the most important information and a link to the purchase page appear. It is also possible to attach a video with a guide or product review.
  4. A virtual 360-degree walk can be taken at any hour, every day, being anywhere – the customer does not have to travel to the place or adjust to the opening hours of the store.

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