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There are tons of ways to promote online, one of which is the online showroom 360. It replaces or complements a traditional website

How does the online 360 ​​showroom affect the promotion of the company?

The decision to buy a product is strongly influenced by how it looks and how it is presented. This is a particularly important issue in the case of online stores, because only through photos and videos, customers can see the items they are interested in. 

There are tons of ways to promote online and one of them is the online 360 ​​showroom. It replaces or complements a traditional website, which may not be technically sufficient or interesting for visitors to use.

Online showroom, wide range of possibilities

Online stores are part of the trade and the competition among them is increasing. In order to attract the attention of customers, you should offer them an interesting place on the Internet, which will be both comfortable to use and visually attractive. The way to gain interest is through an online showroom that resembles an online game, which makes it remembered and willingly visited again.

It allows you to view the product from all sides, as well as approach it or see it from a distance, e.g. furniture, car, real estate. Detailed shots presenting the product are not enough – the virtual showroom may contain product descriptions, a presentation or guide in the form of a video, and other multimedia information materials.

The possibility to freely “look around” among the displayed products makes the purchasing process more pleasant and real.

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